The Great Communicator Series Teacher Training Kit

The Great Communicator Series Teacher Training Kit

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Great Teachers Don't Just Impart Knowledge;
They Stimulate A Desire To Learn.

Introducing the Great Communicator Series
Teacher Training Kit with Bruce Wilkinson

Bruce Wilkinson is recognized as one of the world’s foremost Christian teachers and speakers. For decades, Bruce has helped millions of people all over the world teach better, improve their public speaking abilities, and develop better communication skills.

By popular demand, we are excited to introduce three new teacher training courses that build confidence in communication skills and further professional development.

What are the Courses?

The Great Communicator Teacher Training Series

Three exciting new sequential courses that provide a comprehensive strategy for personal and professional growth. Each course is comprised of eight Bible-based sessions that will maximize student/teacher communication and cause your teachers to flourish.

Anyone Can Become a Great Communicator: Anyone, Anywhere, Anytime

Prepare to learn some mind-blowing maxims and methods about how learning takes place and what matters most in ensuring that your message is well received. Discover how great communicators use their body language, their voice, their gestures, and their eyes to greatly enhance communication.

Anyone Can Become a Great Motivator: Anyone, Anywhere, Anytime

Jesus was the Master Teacher. He was also a Master Motivator. He met people at their point of need and made practical application to their lives. In an entertaining and enjoyable way, Bruce Wilkinson clearly lays out how Jesus did that and how you can too. Discover power tools that any teacher, pastor or leader can use to help others want to learn.

Anyone Can Teach So Students Excel! Anyone, Anywhere, Anytime

Learn to help others remember, internalize and maximize their learning experience. The Law of Retention equips teachers to teach so students will never forget what is really important. The Law of Equipping helps teachers move from simply delivering content to transforming their students into skilled and motivated learners!

    Why Purchase This Training Kit?

    • Gain confidence and mastery in the area of communication.

    • Use body language, voice, gestures, and eyes to greatly enhance communication.

    • Stir up excitement in your listeners that causes them to want to hear more.

    • Personalize lessons and awaken a desire to grow.

    • Meet people at their point of need and make practical application to their lives.

    • Discover power tools you can use every day to maximize learning

    • Turn complex content into memorable and mind-easy segments.

    • Teach so students will never forget what is really important.

    • Move from simply delivering content to transforming students.

    Now Includes The Seven Laws of the Learner!

    The principles and techniques in this popular, time-tested educational classic by Bruce Wilkinson will empower you to make a lasting impact in people's lives. Thousands of teachers have used these concepts to spur their students to new horizons of success!

    Order Additional Workbooks For Those You Are Training

    These colorful, brilliantly-designed workbooks will reinforce the lessons in The Great Communicator Series Teacher Training Kit.

    • Order additional Communicator workbooks here.

    • Order additional Motivator workbooks here.

    • Order additional Excel workbooks here.

    Free eBook Written Especially for Christian Schools

    When you purchase the Teacher Training Kit, you gain access to the eBook download How to Ignite Revival in Your Christian School by Bruce Wilkinson. Based upon decades of in-depth Bible study and teaching, Bruce has distilled the key Biblical protocols to invoke and ignite revival.

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    What's Included In This Kit?

    • 3 DVDs For Each Course fully mastered with 8 teaching sessions.

    • Three 32-36 Page Workbooks, one for each course, containing full-color pages with follow-along outlines and fill-in the blanks, plus beautifully-designed charts, quotes and many other features.

    • The Seven Laws of the Learner. A 487 page hardcover book.

    • 1 DVD-ROM For Each Course with customizable, printable PDF promotional Items, including the following:

    • Promo Flyers For Each Course
      These stunning full-color flyers may be easily printed and distributed to promote your class.

    • Communication Style Diagnostic Charts
      Practical and dynamic, these 4 different charts let your teachers clearly see improvements in communication. Mark how they employ eye contact, voice inflection, gestures and movement to communicate before any audience. They will teach with style!

    • Bulletin Inserts For Every Course
      These attractive, black-and-white bulletin inserts are designed to be printed two-up.

    • Promo Posters For All Three Courses
      These eye-catching full-color posters will draw attention to your upcoming class.

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