70X7 Spanish Streaming

70X7 Spanish Streaming

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Something happened. It might have been yesterday. It might have been years ago. But it hurt. And it changed you. And unless you forgive those who wronged you, the heart wound will become infected and spread. Eventually, you can become a prisoner of your own wounded heart.

If the story ended here, you would be hurt beyond healing. But the Good News is, it is not finished.

In his creative, story-driven, highly motivating style, Bruce reveals from the words of Jesus Christ how you can find the freedom and peace your heart longs for.

Discover forgiveness that is for real and forever.

Here's What These Lifechanging Sessions in Spanish Include:

70X7 Session 1: Unforgiveness Delivers You to the Torturers

In this first session, Bruce unpacks the basics of forgiveness and clarifies some misunderstandings. He then reveals the shocking truth of how we suffer needlessly because of harboring unforgiveness in our hearts.

70X7 Session 2: Five Requirements for Lasting Forgiveness

Forgiveness is one of those characteristics that God desires to be a permanent fixture in our lives. This session reflects on Christ’s five universal requirements to break out of our heart-prisons, for real and forever.

70X7 Session 3: What Happens to You When You Don’t Forgive Others?

In this session, Bruce reveals how our choice in the forgiveness issue affects God’s response to us. The Slide of Unforgiveness is a major revelation of what happens when we don’t forgive others.

70X7 Session 4: Steps to Follow to Forgive Other People

This session focuses on the practical steps to follow that will help free you from unforgiveness. Discover “The Forgiveness Validator,” an amazing tool that will help you settle each issue once and for all, and become released from torment and distress.

70X7 Session 5: God Commits to Handle Vengeance for You

Our desire for vengeance is often the single greatest barrier to forgiveness. The desire for justice is a powerful factor that can hinder our progress. This session explores some shocking truths about God actually claiming the right to exact vengeance for Himself.

70X7 Session 6: How Can God Forgive Anyone for Everything?

It is easy to assume that for God to forgive us all that would be required is for Him to simply say, “I forgive you.” But it wasn’t that easy for God. In fact, it was painful and costly. Your heart will swell as you picture God’s incredible love--and you will see why He has little patience with our unforgiveness.

70X7 Session 7: What Happens When You Don’t Forgive Yourself

Many people feel that the only thing harder than forgiving someone else is forgiving themselves. Tragically, we often think if we suppress our personal unforgiveness, then we’ll never experience negative consequences. But nothing could be further from the truth.

70X7 Session 8: Steps to Follow to Forgive Yourself

This final session will lead you through the steps that Jesus taught as necessary requirements for freeing yourself from your own heart-prison and forgiving yourself for each wound you caused. Rediscover peace and joy by forgiving the hardest one – you.


(These are streaming and downloadable MP4 videos, not the DVD.)

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Need Additional Workbooks?

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70X7 Primera Sesión: La falta de perdón te entrega a los torturadores.

70X7 Segunda Sesión: Cinco requisitos para un Perdón Duradero.

70X7 Tercera Sesión: ¿Qué nos ocurre cuando no perdonamos a los demás?

70X7 Cuarta Sesión: Pasos a seguir para perdonar a otras personas

70X7 Sesión 5: Dios se compromete a ocuparse de la venganza por ti

70X7 Sesión 6: ¿Cómo puede Dios perdonar a alguien por todo?

70X7 Sesión 7: Los que ocurre cuando no te perdonas a ti mismo

70X7 Sesión 8: Pasos a seguir para perdonarse a sí mismo

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