Stream Now!  Survey of the Bible: Understanding the Books, Places, Story, People and Periods

Stream Now! Survey of the Bible: Understanding the Books, Places, Story, People and Periods

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Unlock the secrets to understanding God’s Word with one of the world’s foremost Bible teachers!

The Bible is the most revered, respected and celebrated books of all time. Since the first published book (a Bible, of course!) rolled off the Gutenberg press over five hundred years ago, it has been a perpetual bestseller, far surpassing sales of any other volume in human history.

For Christians, however, the Bible is not just a bestseller; it is “God’s Word” – a divine message to us in human language.

Some parts of the Bible are easy to understand yet many are not. With its lengthy genealogies, Levitical laws, and apocalyptic visions, even for sincere readers reading with understanding can be a monumental task. Obviously, to navigate these challenging and potentially treacherous waters, you need a trustworthy and experienced guide -- someone who knows both the world of the text and the ways of God in human history.

That is why Bruce Wilkinson’s newest course Survey of the Bible was created – to help people understand the big picture of God’s Word.

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Enjoy the benefits of this course:

  • See the Big Picture. You’ll be introduced to the structure of your Bible so you can manage its content, purposes and applications throughout your life.

  • Discover Your Story in His. You will see the plan of God in creation and His desire to redeem His people from the consequences of sin and to offer redemption to all of mankind.

  • Find Learning Fun. Utilizing memory pegs, animation and creative staging, difficult content is made mind-easy and memorization become effortless.

  • Understand the Historical Timeline. We’ve broken the historical timeline into 20 different periods – 10 in the Old Testament and 10 in the New Testament.

  • Find Out Who, Why and When. You will be able to match 10 key Bible characters with each of those Old and New Testament historical periods.

  • Finally, Pinpoint What and Where. You’ll explore maps that make sense, to discover where the Garden of Eden was, where Abraham came from, where Jesus walked, Paul was imprisoned and much more.

  • Discover LifeChange over the Course of Your Lifetime. Consistent review is a crucial element in making this big-picture tool your own. After just a few sessions, you’ll be building on this tool for a lifetime of spiritual growth and ministry.

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All 8 Sessions of Survey of the Bible (Complete Course)

Session 1: The Books of the Old Testament

Session 2: Places of the Old Testament

Session 3: People of the Old Testament

Session 4: Periods of the Old Testament

Session 5: Books of the New Testament

Session 6: Places of the New Testament

Session 7: People of the New Testament

Session 8: Periods of the New Testament

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