Announcing the 70X7 Churchwide Campaign Kit


70X7 Churchwide Campaign

A Personal Message to Pastors and Church Leaders from Bruce Wilkinson

In recent times, 90-100% of pastors said that the people in the congregations struggled with unforgiveness! Can you imagine what would happen if congregations all across America set out to change that?

As you plan your preaching and teaching for 2017, why not take the opportunity to align your church around the theme of forgiving others? Plan an eight week preaching series on forgiving others and utilize the powerful 70X7 Bible-based video curriculum in your small groups.

What is Included?

70X7 Campaign Components
  • 8 Session Teachings on 3 Video DVDs
  • Campaign Success Guide
  • DVD-ROM with Promotional and Marketing Materials
  • Leader's Guide
  • 8 Expanded Sermon Outlines
  • How to Ignite Revival eBook by Bruce Wilkinson
  • 10 Premium Student Workbooks
  • Links to suggested Movie Clips
  • How to Ignite Revival eBook

What Others Are Saying

Watch and listen to how people's lives are being effected by this teaching.

How Does it Work?

When a church sets aside eight weeks to concentrate on the theme of unforgiveness and the teachings of Christ on foriving others, amazing things happen:

  • Eyes are opened and sin is confessed
  • Your people will discover freedom and joy
  • Relationships are restored
  • Commitment to the church is solidified
  • Worship is deeper and more sincere
  • New servant-leaders begin to emerge
  • The church grows deeper, warmer, and stronger
  • The watching community sees a difference
  • The stage is set to have renewal and revival

    Free eBook Written Specifically for
    Pastors and Church Leaders

    When you purchase the campaign starter kit, you gain access to the free eBook download, How to Ignite Revival in Your Local Church and Community, by Bruce Wilkinson. Based upon decades of in-depth Bible study and teachings, Bruce has distilled the key Biblical protocols to invoke and ignite revival.

    How to Ignite Revival in Your Local Church and Community



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