A Biblical Portrait of Marriage-International Version
A Biblical Portrait of Marriage-International Version

A Biblical Portrait of Marriage-International Version

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Discover Six Universal Secrets for Success in Any Marriage!

Marriage today certainly looks very different across the world -- but every couple wants to be happy in their relationship and successful in their marriage no matter where they live. Did you know that the Bible teaches six fundamental principles for how to succeed in marriage? Regardless of the culture or nation, these six Biblical principles remain relevant throughout time. It’s how God Himself organized all marriages to work!

In Teach Every Nation’s course, A Biblical Portrait of Marriage - International Version, Bruce and Darlene Wilkinson reveal God’s amazing design for marriage. Rooted in scripture and based on decades of global and practical teaching experience, Bruce and Darlene outline the principles and problem-solving strategies that build a successful marriage.

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Whether you are single looking to be married, engaged and just starting off, or have been married for years and needing a breakthrough, join us in an amazing, transformative journey of marriage enlightenment for everyone.

“After 28 years of marriage and 4 kids, we came across A Biblical Portrait of Marriage. We found it so helpful that we introduced it to our friends in India and the rest of Asia. We would recommend it to all of the couples who are contemplating marriage and those who are facing challenges in their marriage.”  -Devendra and Koko Rai, Thailand

“Oh, my brothers and sisters, you need to learn how to do the things that the Word of God has taught. The lessons on marriage are transforming. Go into it with all of your heart!”  - Magdelene Irozuru, Nigeria 

Release God to bless your marriage in ways you can’t imagine!

Bruce and Darlene have been married for over five decades with 3 grown children and 11 grandchildren. They have learned invaluable lessons through the normal ups and downs of married life and present many of the secrets behind their enduring love in this updated series, A Biblical Portrait of Marriage-International Version. Their life-changing and encouraging course has been used in thousands of churches and small groups over the years in numerous nations of the world. Many churches use the series for pre-marital counseling as well as general marital counseling

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The A Biblical Portrait of Marriage-International Version Workbook is a 40-page, full-color workbook with outlines, fill-in the blanks, plus beautifully designed charts, quotes and Discussion Questions at the end of each session. 

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Session 1   Leave: The Role of the Couple

Session 2   Cleave: The Responsibility of the Couple

Session 3   Head: The Role of the Husband

Session 4   Helper: The Role of the Wife

Session 5   Love: The Responsibility of the Husband

Session 6   Submit: The Responsibility of the Wife

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