Lead Our CEU Courses!

Earn Extra Income by Leading Our ACSI Approved CEU Courses In Biblical Studies!

Christian school administrators, teachers, pastors, and church leaders, you can earn extra income by leading our CEU (continuing education unit) courses in Biblical studies, so that ACSI certified teachers and administrators can earn their continuing education credits! Here’s how:

  1. Order a Leader's Kit, or a video series and workbook for one (or more) of our ACSI approved CEU courses in Biblical studies.  We recommend that you order the Leader's Kit so that you will be better equipped to teach the class.
  2. Watch the course yourself and fill out the workbook so that you are thoroughly familiar with the content and can answer questions. You may also want to plan some discussion questions and talking points for the class. (All of our CEU approved course leader's guides and workbooks contain discussion questions.)
  3. Plan a date and time to lead the course.
  4. Borrow or rent a classroom, or set up a room in your home as a classroom. You will also need a DVD player and a large-screen TV, as the students must watch the DVD course and complete the workbook to receive CEU credits.
  5. Advertise to ACSI Christian schools in Christian educator trade periodicals, Craigslist, classified ads, by dropping off flyers at schools, posting to bulletin boards at Christian schools, etc. You may charge the current fair market price per student for CEU courses plus the cost of the workbook and processing fee. (It is a good idea to make the cost less than the student would pay for the DVD & Workbook if he or she opted to purchase it.) The number of students who sign up will depend upon many factors, including your own marketing ability, demand, and the number of Christian schools in your area.
  6. During the class, make certain that your students watch the entire DVD course and complete the workbook satisfactorily. You may also want to provide coffee or refreshments.
  7. At the end of the course, each student must fill out our CEU request form, and you must also fill out and sign each student’s form. Either you or the student should then mail the form to us along with a check or money order for the $10.00 processing fee per student.
  8. We will upload earned CEUs directly to an educator’s ACSI Virtual Professional Portfolio and notify the student and you by email of this. After that, the student may login to his or her VPP to print out a course completion certificate. If the student does not have a practitioner ID#, we will email a certificate to him or her.

Our ACSI Approved CEU Courses In Biblical Studies:

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What to Order CEUs

70X7 LEADER'S KIT ($68.99)


70X7 DVD Series ($49.99) &
70X7 Course Workbook ($9.99

.95 CEUs

A Life God Rewards Leader's Kit ($54.99)

.63 CEUs

Escape the Ordinary Leader's Kit ($69.99)


Escape the Ordinary DVD Video Series ($49.00) &
Escape the Ordinary Course Workbook ($9.99)

.96 CEUs

Prayer of Jabez Leader's Kit ($54.99)

.86 CEUs
Secrets of the Vine Leader's Kit ($54.99) .63 CEUs
The Vision of the Leader Leader's Kit ($54.99) .66 CEUs
Become A Transformed Woman Leader's Kit ($50.99) .72 CEUs
(All of our Leader's Kits contain both a video series and workbook, and some contain additional items. All of our Leader's Kits are less expensive than ordering the items they contain separately. If by ordering a Leader's Kit, you will save money over ordering the video series and workbook separately, or if you will get additional items at no extra charge, then we list only the Leader's Kit above. Otherwise, we list the video series and workbook separately in addition to the Leader's Kit.)


Teach Every Nation

“Go and make disciples of all nations, teaching them to obey everything I have commanded you.” – Matthew 28:19-20 (NIV)

 There is a significant need for Bible training among pastors and disciple-makers in the Global South. Teach Every Nation (TEN) is equipping the global Church with lifechanging Bible training. Through TEN training centers, pastors are being equipped to impact their churches and communities with God’s Word. Since its founding, TEN has trained more than 420,000 students at over 5,000 TEN Training Centers around the world, and over 3,000 deans on its 2,500-acre training Campus on a game park in South Africa. We are inviting believers who share our heart for the global Church to join us in our mission to teach the nations.