Spanish Super Book Year One

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Spanish Version of Super Book - Year One Bible School on Wheels

The Red Superbook is a special, life-changing tool accompanying each Bible school or BSOW#1 box (The Superbooks can also be purchased separately). Divided into two main parts, the first half introduces you to Teach Every Nation and teaches and equips you to be part of the Bible School on Wheels family, making an impact in your community, city and region. The second half consists of the five core courses that make up the BSOW#1, in full-colour, inter-active and well laid out. You will experience the full benefit of these courses with this 378-page Superbook, full of helpful information and complete workbooks.

In this Red Superbook you will find the workbooks to the following courses:

Anyone Can Become a Great Communicator; Survey of the Bible; How to Double Your Church, Business and personal Productivity; 70x7 Finsing Peace by Forgiving Others and Yourself; and What on Earth is God Doing in My Life?

Included are all the instruction on how to access these Elective Courses online: 

Royal Lessons on leadership; Become a Transformed Woman; Equipping Leaders: Leaving a Legacy; DISCover Yourself and Others; and Foundations of Youth Ministry.

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Teach Every Nation

“Go and make disciples of all nations, teaching them to obey everything I have commanded you.” – Matthew 28:19-20 (NIV)

 There is a significant need for Bible training among pastors and disciple-makers in the Global South. Teach Every Nation (TEN) is equipping the global Church with lifechanging Bible training. Through TEN training centers, pastors are being equipped to impact their churches and communities with God’s Word. Since its founding, TEN has trained more than 420,000 students at over 5,000 TEN Training Centers around the world, and over 3,000 deans on its 2,500-acre training Campus on a game park in South Africa. We are inviting believers who share our heart for the global Church to join us in our mission to teach the nations.