The New Prayer of Jabez for Women by Darlene Wilkinson
The New Prayer of Jabez for Women by Darlene Wilkinson
The New Prayer of Jabez for Women by Darlene Wilkinson

The New Prayer of Jabez for Women by Darlene Wilkinson

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Embrace Your Divine Destiny and Release Your Boundless Potential! 

Uncover the timeless wisdom of the Prayer of Jabez like never before with Darlene Wilkinson’s groundbreaking course designed specifically for women. Step into a realm of empowerment, inspiration, and transformative growth to experience a new level of connection with your faith and embrace the extraordinary blessings that await you.  

Join Darlene as she hosts an international audience of women at the Teach Every Nation Campus Studio in South Africa to teach her new course, The New Prayer of Jabez for Women.  This 4-session course unveils a fresh perspective, from a woman’s point of view, on the Jabez prayer in 1 Chronicles 4:10 to empower women on their spiritual path.   Through her teaching, thought-provoking discussions, and illustrative examples, learn to embrace your divine calling, claim your blessings, and experience a life filled with purpose, abundance, and unwavering spiritual protection.   

Step into your destiny, claim your blessings, and unleash your true potential! 

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View the sessions anywhere that you have an internet connection capable of streaming!  Or you may download the video sessions as MP4 files in the resolution of your choice. 

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 The New Prayer of Jabez for Women Workbook

The New Prayer of Jabez for Women Workbook is in full-color with follow-along outlines, fill-in the blanks, plus beautifully-designed charts, quotes and Discussion Questions at the end of each session.  

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