"Anyone Can Become a Great Motivator: Anyone, Anywhere, Anytime" Course Workbook

"Anyone Can Become a Great Motivator: Anyone, Anywhere, Anytime" Course Workbook

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This colorful, thoughtfully prepared, illustrated workbook is the perfect companion to the Anyone Can Become a Great Motivator: Anyone, Anywhere, Anytime DVD series. It helps viewers remember and apply the important lessons contained in the DVD series, for the deepest impact on their minds and lives.

About the Series:

A Bible-Based Video Curriculum with Bruce Wilkinson

A great teacher does not just impart knowledge, but awakens a desire to learn and personalizes the lessons so the student can grow. Everybody and anybody can be motivated if you know how to do it.

Jesus was the Master Teacher. He was also a Master Motivator. He met people at their point of need and made practical application to their lives. In an entertaining and enjoyable way, Bruce Wilkinson clearly lays out how Jesus did that -- and how you can, too.

In his creative, story-driven style, Bruce breaks down The Law of Need and The Law of Application -- two power tools that any teacher, pastor, public speaker or leader can use to help others want to learn and maximize their learning experience.

In this course, you will learn . . .

. . . how to determine the most pressing needs of your listeners, and teach to meet those needs.

The most relevant teachers and speakers are sensitive to people’s needs and desires. Learn about The Law of Need so that you can determine what those needs are and design your message to most effectively meet them!

. . . how to inspire, encourage and stimulate your students to chase after your content.

It’s difficult to get students to learn when they are not interested, or if they do not think that your subject applies to them. Learn how to “build the need” so that they will be very interested in your topic, and motivated to learn using Bruce’s Need Maximizers and Memory Tools!

. . . how to enhance your skills of motivation. Motivate your listeners to take action and apply what they have been taught.

You might bring a wonderful message, and people might go away talking about how much they enjoyed it, but if they don’t apply what’s been taught, your time has been wasted. Learn The Law of Application, consisting of timeless Biblical truths, and motivate your listeners to action!

. . . how to sharpen your skills of persuasion.

You may have a noble cause or important information to share, but if you cannot persuade your listeners of that, you have accomplished nothing. Persuasion is a vital skill for any public speaker. Through Bruce’s Application Maximizers and Memory Tools, learn how to (1) grab your listener’s attention, (2) arouse their curiosity, (3) cause them to want what they need, (4) understand why they need it, and (5) motivate them to perform. 

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32 full-color pages with follow-along outlines and fill-in the blanks, plus beautifully-designed charts, quotes and many other features.

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