The Seven Laws of the Learner (Hardcover)

The Seven Laws of the Learner (Hardcover)

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Make a Difference!

Students learn best when teachers teach best! So how can you do your part? Employ the seven laws of the learner and unleash your students' capabilities. You'll discover how to:

      • Help students reach their full potential

      • Effect lasting lifechange

      • Rekindle your flame for teaching

      • Create an excitement for learning

      • Transform apathetic students

      Whether you 're a professional teacher, a parent, or teach in any setting, these principles and techniques will empower you to make a lasting impact in people's lives. Thousands of teachers have already used these principles to spur their students to new horizons of success.

      Revitalize your Teaching by Mastering These Seven Time-Tested Principles:

      Law of the Learner
      Rekindle your passion to teach by mastering the secret of the forgotten mindset.

      Law of Expectation
      Ensure high performance, even from historically low achievers.

      Law of Application
      Effect lasting change in your students as you cooperate with the Holy Spirit while teaching.

      Law of Retention
      Enable your students to master twice the material in half the time as you use the secrets of speed-teaching.

      Law of Need
      Demolish boredom and give your students reason to achieve with the seven universal motivators.

      Law of Equipping
      Employ the Master Teacher's secrets of super coaching to help your students learn any skill.

      Law of Revival
      Transform apathetic students by unleashing the five biblical steps to spiritual renewal.

      "For some time I have said to myself, 'Much of what I am doing in the classroom is a waste of time. I can't continue this career unless I can make a more significant contribution in the lives of my students.' The Seven Laws of the Learner was the answer to my need.''  - Seminary Professor, Portland, Oregon

      "For years I filled my students with content. But since learning the Seven Laws, my life and teaching have not been the same. Now teaching for life change and revival are becoming second nature."  - Businessman, Adult Sunday School Teacher, Orange, California

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      Hardcover, 487 black ink on light cream-colored pages. Published by Multnomah Books.

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