"Anyone Can Teach So Students Excel! Anyone, Anywhere, Anytime" DVD Series

"Anyone Can Teach So Students Excel! Anyone, Anywhere, Anytime" DVD Series

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A Bible-Based Video Curriculum
with Bruce Wilkinson

Anyone can become an effective teacher. In this course, you will discover two power tools that anyone can use to help maximize learning:
      • Whether you teach students, employees, children, or church members, knowing The Law of Retention will equip you with both a mindset and methods to teach, so they will never forget what’s important. Learn how to help others remember, internalize and maximize their learning experience.

      • The Law of Equipping helps teachers move from simply delivering content to transforming their students into skilled and motivated learners.
          For decades, Bruce Wilkinson has applied these laws to help millions of people teach better, by discovering how to turn complex content into memorable and mind-easy segments.
          Yes, teachers can become LifeChange Agents, and their students can touch thousands of second-generation students!

          In This Course, You Will Learn:

          • The amazing principle that will enable your students to commit what you are teaching to memory.
            It’s called The Law of Retention, and it will turn you into a teacher who greatly impacts your students' lives, because they will remember what you teach!

          • The mindset to create long-term memories in students.
            Did you know that there is a mindset you can adopt that will activate long-term memory in your students? This concept is found in the Bible, and it will enable you to have a lasting impact on your students' lives, because what you teach will become firmly impressed on their long-term memories! You will also learn The Retention Maxims, seven concise principles of memory retention to apply in your teaching, so that your students will not forget your material.

          • Mnemonic techniques (memory aids) every teacher should know.
            Based on the acronym RETAINS, these seven retention maximizers will help your students excel at recalling what you are teaching. Some of these techniques may even create detailed and vivid memories (this is commonly known as flashbulb memory).

          • The teacher’s mindset that will enable you to train your students well.
            It’s called The Equipping Mindset, and it’s found in the Bible. This is the mindset to adopt that will help you to train your students to perform excellently. You will also learn The Equipping Maxims - seven principles of training to keep in mind when you are instructing your students.

          • Training methods that will equip your students to excel.
            The Law of Equipping consists of five training techniques (The Equipping Maxims) that will encourage and enable your students not only to learn how to do something, but to master it. Lastly, you will learn seven techniques you can apply to maximize your student’s mastery of a skill.

          Order Anyone Can Teach So Students Excel! Anyone, Anywhere, Anytime and learn how you can become an extraordinary teacher -- as the Master Teacher intended.

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          • A 32 page, full-color workbook with follow-along outlines, fill-in the blanks, beautifully-designed charts, quotes and many other features.

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