Set Apart: Discovering Personal Victory Through Holiness (Hardcover)

Set Apart: Discovering Personal Victory Through Holiness (Hardcover)

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Can I live in a crude, secular society, yet be set apart for God?

Tempting times intrude upon us all.  Sometimes when we least expect them.

We're caught up short, surprised by sin's strong sway, revealed as human, embarrassed - and in danger.

What can you do to ensure personal victory over the world of temptation that surrounds you?  How can your love for God help you find a place of pure, continuous fellowship with Him?

Bruce Wilkinson points out to us the provision God has made for you to live holy, healthy, and happy day by day. Discover it now!

"Holiness is happiness," Bruce says, and he leads the way in your discovery of the territory, exploring critical questions every believer struggles to comprehend:

  • How can holiness be something that has already happening, is happening, and will happen later on?

  • How can holiness be something Jesus did for me, the Holy Spirit does in me, and that I myself do in response to a call?

  • Salvation. Consecration. What's the difference?

In this down-to-earth discussion, you'll find frank answers to the questions that keep you from advancing past temptation and bondage to the place of overcoming victory. Think it can't happen? Mark your course with holy habits, pursue purity, and get ready for a spiritual breakthrough!

"In the midst of our confusing culture, Bruce Wilkinson has dared to dissect the demon of temptation and tackle this elusive quality of holiness, producing a realistic road map for troubled pilgrims." - Howard G. Hendricks, Distinguished Professor, Dallas Theological Seminary

"...teaches us to clear the obstructions so that we can progress toward being 'holy as He is holy.' Read this and your life will never be the same. - Joseph Stowell, President, Moody Bible Institute

Get the Devotional, Too!

Compiled by Bruce Wilkinson and containing the insights of 30 Christian authors, 30 Days to Discovering Personal Victory Through Holiness is the perfect devotional complement to Set Apart. Order it here.

The DVD Series

You'll be blessed hearing this enlightening series taught by Bruce Wilkinson himself.  Order the DVD course, The Three Chairs: Experiencing Spiritual Breakthroughs here.

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Hardcover, black ink on 232 light cream-colored pages. Published by Multnomah Books.

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